Shouldn't you be using HubTack?

We need to gather a little bit of information about your specific business before we can calculate your cost savings. Please take the time to fill out the form below. Refer to the "Explanation" column if you have questions.

Don't worry if you don't know a number exactly. Your best guess will do.

Cost Category Your Input Explanation
Number of Proposals Submitted Per Year The number of proposals your company submitted in the last 12 months.
Number of Jobs Awarded Per Year The number of jobs your company was awarded in the last 12 months.
Hourly billing rate The hourly rate that you bill your clients for your services.
Hourly cost The hourly rate that it costs your company to employ you. This should be a fully burdened value including health care, taxes, etc. If you don't know the burdened cost, take your hourly pay rate and multiple by 1.20. This will give an approximation of the full burdened cost.
Average time at courthouse doing research This should be entered as hours, so 45 minutes would be entered at 0.75.
Average number of document pages purchased This is the average number of document pages you purchase at the courthouse on each trip. Make sure that you count the pages and not the number of documents. Typically the courthouse charges per page and not per document. We want to calculate the actual cost per page.
Average cost per page This is the price per page that you paid the courthouse for the documents.
Average distance to courthouse The average distance you traveled to get to a courthouse this year.
Mileage cost The dollars per mile that the company pays for travel. This is in cents per mile and should be entered with a leading decimal point.