Privacy Statement

HubTack, Inc. is concerned about your right to privacy. In general, you can visit us on the Internet without telling us who you are or giving us personal information. There are times when we may need information from you, for instance: to process an order, to correspond, to provide a subscription or in connection with a job application. We may supplement this information to complete a transaction or to provide better service.


Information provided for your purchase (including billing name, billing address, telephone number, fax number, and e-mail) will not be shared or sold to anyone outside of HubTack, Inc.  Payment information (credit card numbers and expiration dates) is treated confidentially and will not be shared with any third party except the financial institutions used to process payments.

Protected Section

Access to the protected section of the HubTack Web site requires a username and password.  Your user name and password will never be disclosed by HubTack to any third party.  You should never disclose your username or password to anyone, including HubTack employees. Your password is stored in such a way that even HubTack employees can not recover it.

We Will Use Your Information:

  • To fulfill your requests by us or by others involved in fulfillment.
  • To contact you for customer satisfaction surveys, market research or in connection with certain transactions.
  • By HubTack for marketing purposes if you have permitted such use.
  • In a non-identifiable format for analysis (e.g., Clickstream Data).
  • To develop our business relationship if you represent a HubTack Business Partner or Vendor.