Frequently Asked Questions

How must does it cost to subscribe to HubTack?
Subscriptions are on a per state basis at $54.95 per state per month. You can download as many documents as you like at no additional charge.

What do I get with my subscription?
You gain access to all the documents for the state in which you have subscribed. Available documents vary by state and county so make sure the documents you are interested in are on line before you subscribe.

When you subscribe, you will have the option of receiving our monthly email newsletter. The newsletter will keep you up to date on which states and counties are coming online, general surveyor news, and other information about HubTack.

Can I access monument records in the field?
Yes, you can access monument records from a PC, a Laptop, Smart Phone, like an iPhone or a Driod or you data collector, if it has internet access.

The address for our mobile site is or you can scan this bar code with your smart phone and it will provide the link

We have created two short videos to show you how to use the iPhone and/or the Driod. Make sure you watch the right video for your smart phone as they are a bit different.

Do you include all of the history for the monument?
HubTack includes all of the monument record information since the records were required to be collected by the state.

Are the monument records legal documents?
The monument records in the database are the same as those found at the County Courthouse. However, if you need registered copies for legal purposes such as a trial or other legal dispute, you will need to obtain a certified copy directly from the courthouse or other official government agency.

What is the quality of the image? Can I really read it?
We use the latest scanning technology to insure accurate clean copies of the documents. View a sample monument record.

What if I download a document and find out it is filed wrong or I can't read it?
Call our support line at: 630-566-9197 or email us at and we will verify the problem and correct it.

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